• Cascales

    José Vicente Cascales holds Fine Arts degrees from the University of Valencia ( Spain ) and spent a year at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice ( Italy ) working on his post graduate studies. After completing his Doctoral courses he celebrated his first solo exhibition in 2002.  Since then, he has participated in many solo and group exhibitions with multiple prestigious galleries throughout the world including, Madrid, Barcelona, Dallas and Seoul.

    Cascales’ primary subject is cityscapes.  In particular, cities such as Paris, Florence and Venice, which the artist strives to find a personal approach.  Focusing beyond mere aesthetics, he destroys the hardness of contours through innovative angles, depths, and Mediterranean light. Some of his other subjects include interiors, coffee shops and courtyards in which he demonstrates the simplicity of daily life.  Evocative scenes that send the viewer to exquisite places 

    With a decided brushstroke he directs an unusually developed technique of a painter beyond his years.   He delights us with his walks along the canals of Venice, guides us to stroll along the cold Parisian streets and he carries us through the suggestive landscapes of Prague.

    His personal and convincing vision becomes a symbol of a diary which shares a secret set of feelings about a place.  Bold and vibrant brushstrokes suggest emotion and sensation which is uniquely Cascales.