Garcia Miro

Nuria Garcia Miró grew up surrounded by art with the scent of paint, canvases and easels. Her environment has always been one of creativity as she is the daughter of two world renowned artists, Nuria Miró and García Soler.  Growing up in a supportive artistic world provided her knowledge and techniques which allow her to translate her inspiration – beauty, energy, optimism and bravery – into artwork. 

Her initial career path was in the corporate world focusing on marketing and design.  After some time, harnessing her true passion, she made a daring decision to pursue art and creativity professionally and full time.  Focusing on positive change, she took a “leap of faith” in herself concentrating on art, painting and what filled her childhood with happiness. 

Her inspiration is also driven by experiences, emotions and relationships both hers and those of others. The sea has always been present in much of her parent’s artwork. By incorporating aquatic themes in her artwork, Nuria sends a friendly nod to them.  She sees the water as a starting point: the idea of jumping from a waterfall. The water being a metaphor for big leaps and changes in life.  Cascades of water and people flowing on their refreshing and spectacular journeys.  In her paintings, there are hundreds of human figures in which the joy of living is expressed as they “leap”. They are those friends, couples, children, adolescents, individuals and families who collectively manifest a passionate and dynamic attitude towards life.

Abstract art is Nuria’s preference as it allows her to express her feelings without restrictions.  Emphasis and character is created through the use of clean, geometric and colorful shapes combined with natural organic forms.  Utilizing mixed media technique, she personalizes the 2D micro-sculptures (also a nod to her parents) and contrasts them against flat and luminous colors.  All the figures express individual freedom of movement with a playful and joyful attitude towards life.  “My objective is to transmit positivity, optimism, bravery and love for oneself, the family and friends” – Nuria Garcia Miro