“Beach” by Farrell Douglas, size 50w x 50h

Size 50w x 50h

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  • Farrell Elizabeth Douglas

    Elizabeth currently works mainly with acrylic paints due to their versatility and drying time. “I prefer acrylics because it can be combined with a lot of water to achieve the movement and spontaneity that I want in all of my work.” She paints not only on canvas, but on plexi, glass and various metals as well. Her subjects range from seascapes and landscapes to wildlife and people. She also finds a lot of artistic freedom in contemporary or abstract painting. “I don’t want to be pigeonholed as a specific ‘kind’ of painter. I love all aspects of art and I am continually looking for and learning new concepts, techniques and styles.”

    Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama during the time of segregation, F. Elizabeth has strong recollections of the civil rights movement of the 60’s. That experience has helped form her core belief: “…there are many beautiful colors in this world, we must appreciate them equally.” The Deep South still holds a powerful attraction for the artist and she finds herself drawn back to her roots time and again to “simplify her life.” “The marine lifestyle of the Gulf Coast holds a particular fascination for the artist. “I love the simplicity of life there and the natural beauty that is seen in the countryside, the beaches and bays and in the people.”

    Elizabeth is influenced by the Impressionists particularly Monet for his play of lights and washes of color. She also loves the figurative work of water-colorist Dean Mitchell and John S. Sargent and the soft marines capes of Homer.
    Elizabeth is a member of The Sonoran Art League and AZ. Watercolor Assoc. She loves to travel and many destinations such as the Scottish countryside end up being reflected in her work.