“Dome Homes” by Paul Wren, size 36w x 24h

Size 36w x 24h

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  • Paul Wren

    Paul was born on October 8th in Peru, 1965. Middle child of a very large family. Showing signs at a very young age of artistic ability, his family was ever encouraging to his education.

    -Specialty of drawing and painting – School of fine arts of PERU
    -Graduated with the gold medal in the specialty of painting, national school of fine arts class of the 1991 Peru.
    -1995-1999 Joined the school Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes of the Peru in the teaching specialty; hired as a Professor of Diseño Artistico.
    -2009 Professor of drawing and watercolor in the ENSABAP

    -1986 House of the Culture of Lynx
    -1990 Contemporary Art in Peru 1920-1990 Museum of the Nation
    -El Greco Art Gallery
    -Brushes- Bank of Commerce Gala
    -The Club Union -Lima Gallery
    -1991 Gallery ICPNA -Lima (American Peruvian Culture Institute)
    -”Tauromaquia”-Gallery Pablo Picasso
    -1992 Youth Values Art Gallery 2v´s
    -Exhibit Hall of culture of the Banco Wiese
    -Center Culture of Fine Arts -Lima
    -Gallery of Art Trapeze
    -1996 Centre Cultural Russian
    -”Naked”-Deza Art Gallery
    -1999 Art Harmony Gallery
    -Exhibition Art Image Gallery
    -2002 Tribute to the ENSABAP-Museum of the Nation
    -2003 Art and Science Cultural Center of Fine Arts
    -Art-Residence of the Ambassador of the United States night.
    -Exhibition of Art 2004- Association Stella Maris