“Backgammon” by Tiersky, Set of 4 Panels

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  • Tiersky

    Born in a small, farming community in Illinois in 1959, P.T.’s growing up years were spent immersed in the elements of nature. After graduating from college in Iowa, a move to Minneapolis is where a love for artistic endeavors first emerged. As a hobby, the future artist started mixing artistic papers and paint with found objects. Through a job promotion, P.T. moved to Southern California in 1985.

    After a successful business career, the artist is devoting full-time attention to the first love of mixing “things” you find with “things” you create .P.T.’s current series, “Assembling a Puzzle” combines acrylic and collage on wooden boxes of various sizes to form a complete dimensional image. Collections of the artists’ work can be found in galleries in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, New York and Atlanta.