“Beach People” by Nuria Miro, size 47″x31.5″

Size 47w x 31.5h

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  • Nuria Miro

    Nuria Miro was born in Alcoy, Alicante, Spain in 1961. She studied at the School of Arts in her hometown, and later moved to the College of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia, Spain.

    Nuria is a painter of high quality, sensitivity, emotion, and poetry. Her works are highly expressive in brushstrokes, reflective of pristine colors, and precise in line work, all coalescing to form a play of light and shadow of her condensed spaces. The compositions of each of her artworks are heightened by interesting new perspectives. She has a pronounced technique and works with relief and textures that endow her paintings a three dimensional aspect. This 3D effect is one of the key elements in her works.

    Her works have been in many galleries, and she has participated in many exhibitions around Spain. Additionally her work is widely held in private and public collections in Europe and throughout the world.