“Naples” by Bartus, size 39w x 20h

Size 39w x 20h

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  • Bartus

    Francisco Bartus is a Spanish painter born in 1975 in Valencia. His high school professors encouraged him pursue art in his higher education studies due to his vision and talent.  Upon completing his education, he started his career as a professional designer and plastic artist.

    The artists Juan Genoves had a great influence on him. After working with him, Bartus evolved his artwork to a new genre.  Utilizing plastic medium, he brightly expresses how the deepest feelings are both inherited and shaped by our personal / individual experience.  Bartus developed his own unique style producing stunning artworks.  Powerful pictorial techniques combined with shared human sentiments are behind his most recent themes.

    The use of mixed media creates a 3D dimension making his pieces extraordinarily different. The layering of paint is striking and adds yet another dimension. His works are innovative and distinctive, encompassing a variety of materials and techniques with fresh ideas to create excitement.

    Bartus has been exhibited in several galleries in France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.