“Naples Marina Series” by Mauricio Garay, size 60 x 40

Size 60w x 40h

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  • Garay

    Descended from a family with artistic tradition.  Mauricio Garay began to arouse his interest in art at an early age, with some artistic guidance from his uncle Carlos Garay, an internationally recognized artist who painted beautiful sceneries of the Honduran countryside as well as it’s people’s traditions.

    Mauricio is a figurative and impressionist artist who was awarded the prize award of best artist in his country. Mauricio is a continuous and determined artist whose passion is art. He studied at The National University of Honduras.

    Dedicated entirely to the realization of his art which is his passion. Impressionist in Highlighting alleys, marketplaces, landscapes, cubist sceneries, seascapes and figures with his colorful palette, that range vast color schemes.  His rich and vibrant colors are among his personal signature, fluent in his brushstrokes and characterized by mastering the use of the spatula knives seen in his paintings.