“Old Florida” by Pablo Munoz, size 48″ x 36″

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  • Pablo Munoz

    Pablo Munoz comes from a family of painters that flourished in Cuzco, Peru and emigrated to the capital, Lima, several years ago. According to Pablo, his ancestors assisted the famous Spanish artists, brought by the Spanish elite to Peru, with the painting of religious subjects to spread the word of God.

    Pablo Munoz studied at the School of Arts of Cuzco. His technique is classical and has been perfected literally through the centuries. In the same way he learned to paint, he is passing his knowledge to Juan Pablo, his older son, who is breaking into the market.

    Most of his exhibitions, have taken place at his place of birth, Cuzco, where he continues to show. His paintings are included in prestigious collections in Peru, the United States, Canada and Europe.