“Shell Series” by Francisco Casas, size 47w x 31h

Size 47w x 31h

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  • Francisco Casas

    Francisco Casas was born in Alcoy, Spain in 1952. He is a vocational artist and from a very early age felt a need to paint. He focuses his work on still life’s, in which he captures a broad range of tones and light, with a hyper-realistic result.

    Casas understands the profound simplicity behind hyper-realism and the quality of his works is truly extraordinary. Among his favorite subjects are shells and the origami. His preference is to work with simple subjects on a small scale.

    He has been in numerous exhibitions and competitions. His pieces have been exhibited in public and private galleries on a permanent basis. Additionally, he has been awarded with several prizes and medals.

    2011- Sala Braulio. Castellon, Spain.
    2010- Galeria V. Bernia. Valencia, Spain.
    2009- Exhibition “Grupo Jose Cova”. Cartajena, Spain.
    2009- Exhibition “Blues&Greens”. Edinburgh, U.K.
    2008- FIM (Feria internacional del Mueble) Valencia, Spain.
    2007- FIM (Feria internacional del Mueble) Valencia, Spain.
    2006- FIM (Feria internacional del Mueble) Valencia, Spain.
    2005- Masters Art Gallery. Mallorca, Spain.
    2002- UNESCO Exposition room. Alicante, Spain.
    2000- El Corte Inglés Gallery. Valencia, Spain.
    1998- Sala Sánchez. Sevilla, Spain.