“The Happy Garden III” by Alyssa Stoff, size 28w x 58h

Size 28w x 58h

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  • Stoff

    Alyssa Stoff was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1993. Her family relocated to Florida in 2001, where she grew up surrounded by the beautiful tropical landscape.

    Along with the natural influences from the Florida landscape, she is also influenced by her Filipino grandmother. She spent many summers at her grandmother’s home in Chicago painting, practicing origami, taking pictures in the garden, and exploring the city. Her grandmother’s love of art inspired her from a very young age, helping to shape and grow her interest in a multitude of mediums.

    With the encouragement of her family and friends, she pursued a degree in art from Florida Gulf Coast University. In 2015 she graduated with her bachelors degree. Since then, she has been showing her artwork in local galleries and continues to  create paintings and sculptures that reflect her influences from family and love of nature.