“In Flight” by Gudrun Newman, size 66″ x 40″

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  • Gudrun Newman

    Born and raised in Iceland Gudrun Olafsdottir Newman moved to the USA in 1976. She migrated to Florida in 1978 and has lived in Sarasota since then. At an early age Newman knew she was interested in art. She started off as a child with intricate textile designs. This demonstrated her extraordinary level of talent and patience.

    She paints as the wind blows and draws as the water flows. A painter is compelled to create, to tell a story or convey a message which we view as fine art. Newman makes an effort to keep a soft and cool atmosphere so that the beholder could feel her own dream through the image. From the depth of her unconsciousness a memory bursts as an emotion from the past, which will thus become her own image in the form of a painting. Each work arises technically in a way similar to that in which a composer creates a symphony. Her brushes strike the canvas and provide a sense of warmth and intimacy that draws the viewer close to learn more about the specters that appear on the canvas.

    “I am only the instrument holding the brush and applying the paint, everything else happens on its own.” Gudrun Newman

    Her artwork is best described as romantic abstract impressionism as it varies from realistic to very whimsical or figurative images. The selection of explosive colors bring out her stylized form, which leaves you thirsting for more. She experiments with image and color, allowing herself to paint without restraint. You are immediately struck by the composition, vibrant color or layers of color tones, which takes you on a journey. The powerful expression goes hand in hand with imagination and expert craftsmanship to create works of amazing depth and dimension.

    “Compelled to create” Gudrun works in her studio all waking moments. With her recent relocation to her NEW studio at 5670 Palmer Blvd, Sarasota, Florida 34232 you can visit and actually see her painting as it is set up as a working artist studio. Her paintings are found in numerous private and corporate collections, both nationally and internationally. Her life is to share emotion, inspiration and love with others in a form of art.