“Water Garden ll” by Patricia Chute, size 60″ x 36″

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  • Chute

    There are many things that I find intriguing that I try to explain through the use of acrylic paint, and the limitless possibilities that a blank canvas represents. I don’t like to limit myself by labels, or let others define who I am as an artist. With this in mind my body of work depicts the complexity of my life in this chaotic world. Where I am, what am I feeling, and what excites me, which leads to places neither imagined or explained. Sometimes one painting is all I need to express that which is exciting, but there are times I can’t get enough, and a collection emerges and flourishes over time.

    This concept allows me to see the world from a new prospective, and to experiment with all the tools in my arsenal. It pushes me a little further into unfamiliar territory, and then the process continues. New areas of interest arise, and lead to the next series of work. With that said, I feel like the process of stating anything about my art reduces it’s truth. Giving it, or my process of creating it, any judgment, labels or structure reduces it to something it was never meant to be. Art has no inherent existence; it doesn’t exist from its own side…it exists because you create it into a frame of reality that is meaningful to you.

    Who am I to interfere with your process?

    Art just is…I create with a purpose as mundane as anyone, but seek to achieve results beyond the mundane. So my art is progressive, being free from fear of failure. After everything is tabulated in my life, I can only conclude that Art is what I’m supposed to be doing.

    I am so grateful for your interest in my work and me because it is only through your attentions that my work has meaning.