Robert is a Color-Field Artist from Seattle and a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute.

He has had the honor of learning from some of America’s most creative Artists, including: Ken Ferguson, Peter Voulkos, David Shaner, and Paul Soldner, along with master Japanese Artists in Shigaraki and Bizen.

His work has been influenced by his many adventures to locations across the globe including Hawaii, Japan, Israel, Italy, and France.

-Artist Statement-

Robert’s Goal, as an artist, is to infuse into his paintings Life Giving Energy, Power, Joy, Beauty, Integrity, Vitality, and Spirit to help transition life to a higher level.

 Robert uses color and form to create the uplifting feelings of Beauty and Joy in the viewer and he chooses colors that have a healing quality to them. Robert’s Art has been featured in many publications including the cover of Designer West Magazine and Palm Springs Life, and on the TV series “Friends”.