Sydney Edmunds

Growing up Sydney Edmunds would sit and draw for hours. In love with the human form, she would take magazine s and draw the person on the cover. “I wanted to capture not only their likeness but their character, what made them real.”

She loved the old masters, such as Rembrandt and aspired to be like them. At age 11 her family moved to San Francisco; she fell in love with that city instantly. Everything about it caught her eye, the energy, the culture, the creativity. It was full of movement and life that she had never experienced before. “It just made me want to create more, it just opened my eyes to so many new things.”

Edmunds attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she received a Bachelors degree in Fine Art. She described college as a positive experience and had on truly amazing teacher when attending the univeristy that changed her art forever. “I was working on a painting, it ws just the under painting. I really liked it but feld I had to do more to it, like I had been trained to do. My teacher told me if you like then it’s done. Just that simple! I will always love him for that he freed my mind that day and has forever made me a better painter.”

After school Edmunds moved to Arizona where she has worked in the art field for years. This allowed her to explore a lot of new styles of art. “I never thought I would paint abstract paintings but I love how free you can be, it’s all about the movement and color. Whether its abstracts or figurative and everything in between, I just want to provoke an emotion with my art to take the viewer to another place.” Edmunds resides in Phoenix, AZ with her cat, Soba Noodle.