Alexys Henry

Although Alexys Henry was born in Arizona, she grew up in both Phoenix and New York, Influenced by dramatic shifts in both cultural and physical environments. As a child, the long clear expanses of deep snow covered fields broken by rich patches of overgrown trees and half frozen streams, captivated her and continue to influence her imagery.

While in Phoenix, Alexys was very active on her collage campus studying Journalism, Painting, and Early Childhood Education, which have combined to lead her to develop an art enrichment program to teach children how to us their creativity to create expressive environment-friendly art out of repurposed material.

Alexys moved to Berkeley, California in 2002. The energy and history of the city are reflected in many of her abstract paintings. “There I found myself drawn to every day details such as cracks in walls and layers of peeling paint and poster paper. Nature flourishes alongside urban decay. For me this is the backdrop of a duplicitous sense of danger as well as hope and community. From there, Alexys traveled to Seattle where she lived briefly and enjoyed driving along the coastline drinking in views of the endless ocean, which show up in her seascapes.

Now living in Phoenix with her daughter, Alexys aspires to be a vehicle for freedom and creativity in her work, often allowing artistic media to lead her in composition and technique.
“I love to experiment with new materials and combinations and my style carries contemporary as well as organic and urban sensibilities.”


There are many things that I find intriguing that I try to explain through the use of acrylic paint, and the limitless possibilities that a blank canvas represents. I don’t like to limit myself by labels, or let others define who I am as an artist. With this in mind my body of work depicts the complexity of my life in this chaotic world. Where I am, what am I feeling, and what excites me, which leads to places neither imagined or explained. Sometimes one painting is all I need to express that which is exciting, but there are times I can’t get enough, and a collection emerges and flourishes over time.

This concept allows me to see the world from a new prospective, and to experiment with all the tools in my arsenal. It pushes me a little further into unfamiliar territory, and then the process continues. New areas of interest arise, and lead to the next series of work. With that said, I feel like the process of stating anything about my art reduces it’s truth. Giving it, or my process of creating it, any judgment, labels or structure reduces it to something it was never meant to be. Art has no inherent existence; it doesn’t exist from its own side…it exists because you create it into a frame of reality that is meaningful to you.

Who am I to interfere with your process?

Art just is…I create with a purpose as mundane as anyone, but seek to achieve results beyond the mundane. So my art is progressive, being free from fear of failure. After everything is tabulated in my life, I can only conclude that Art is what I’m supposed to be doing.

I am so grateful for your interest in my work and me because it is only through your attentions that my work has meaning.

Eric and Jessica Crabtree

Eric and Jessica Crabtree are a married couple residing in Naples, Florida with their son, Landon.

As Full-Time, self-taught artists, Eric and Jessica have had their work collected nationally

and internationally, as well as appearing on NBC. Their work is described as Transitional Abstract Art with acrylic on canvas as the main medium used.

After dedicating much time and study to the appreciation of fine art around the world, Eric and Jessica started honing in on their own talents and spent much of every day in their studio painting and sculpting. Although drawing most of their inspiration from Abstract Expressionist artists such as Turner and Twombly, Eric and Jessica also name Surrealism, Impressionism, and Mystical Expressionism as other major influences.

As a husband and wife team, Eric and Jessica have stated that their close relationship allows them to collaborate on pieces, drawing on past and present trials and celebrations to mold their art. This therapeutic outlet has resulted in some of their best collaborative pieces to date.

Eric and Jessica have named their ultimate goal as the continued expansion and cultivation of their natural artistic aptitudes and will continue to explore every avenue to do so.

Artist(s) Statement:

An innate desire to express a feeling or recall a memory through shape and color is what motivates us to paint. Painting gives us the ability to almost think out loud without worry of what is expected or planned.

As a husband and wife team, our close relationship allows us to collaborate on each piece, drawing on past and present trials and celebrations to mold our art. This therapeutic outlet has resulted in some of our

best collaborative pieces to date.

All of our work comes from a quiet, yet restless place inside. Although our signature pieces are very tranquil in nature, it’s quite the opposite as we’re creating them.

With paint carelessly poured on the table, colors undetermined and brushes flung about.

We use any and everything to create; over-sized brushes, rags, paper, palette knives, or anything found lying around our studio. Our work is described as transitional abstract art with acrylic on canvas as the main medium used.

Kari Taylor

Kari grew up in Arizona, where she attended Arizona State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking. After college, she worked in the fine art field producing both commercial prints and artwork.

Previously a dancer and choreographer, she is drawn to objects in space and their movement. Each individual piece has its own level and style of motion. Some are lively, while others are quite still. She recalls her lithography professor, who would often ask, “What is the nature of the thing?”

“I like paintings that you feel you could reach into. I try to create a depth to them. The expansive desert sky can seem as if it were a living organism. The hills that can feel as though they are moving, like bodies of earth. I like the surface of canvas, and that the way paint can be layered is such a contrast to printmaking. But I am still drawn to the simplicity of form that I learned there.”

She lives in central Phoenix, close to its newly-revived art scene, with her husband and their three dogs.

Paul Wren

Paul was born on October 8th in Peru, 1965. Middle child of a very large family. Showing signs at a very young age of artistic ability, his family was ever encouraging to his education.

-Specialty of drawing and painting – School of fine arts of PERU
-Graduated with the gold medal in the specialty of painting, national school of fine arts class of the 1991 Peru.
-1995-1999 Joined the school Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes of the Peru in the teaching specialty; hired as a Professor of Diseño Artistico.
-2009 Professor of drawing and watercolor in the ENSABAP

-1986 House of the Culture of Lynx
-1990 Contemporary Art in Peru 1920-1990 Museum of the Nation
-El Greco Art Gallery
-Brushes- Bank of Commerce Gala
-The Club Union -Lima Gallery
-1991 Gallery ICPNA -Lima (American Peruvian Culture Institute)
-”Tauromaquia”-Gallery Pablo Picasso
-1992 Youth Values Art Gallery 2v´s
-Exhibit Hall of culture of the Banco Wiese
-Center Culture of Fine Arts -Lima
-Gallery of Art Trapeze
-1996 Centre Cultural Russian
-”Naked”-Deza Art Gallery
-1999 Art Harmony Gallery
-Exhibition Art Image Gallery
-2002 Tribute to the ENSABAP-Museum of the Nation
-2003 Art and Science Cultural Center of Fine Arts
-Art-Residence of the Ambassador of the United States night.
-Exhibition of Art 2004- Association Stella Maris