John Charles Terelak is recognized as one of America’s finest living impressionists. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, he received formal art instruction at the Vesper George School of Fine Art. Terelak’s love of paint and canvas and his thorough understanding of color theory and paint technique eventually led him to become Headmaster of the Gloucester Academy of Fine Art. As demand for his work grew, it eventually became necessary for John to devote his full energies to the creation of his own paintings. Since making that decision he has enjoyed outstanding and continuing success in his career. His professional career at the easel now spans more than three decades. In addition to his beautiful work in oil, Terelak is also a master in watercolor and pastel. He is also a past President of The New England Watercolor Society. 

While the subject matter of Terelak’s paintings is as diverse as the world in which he lives, the ‘Terelak touch’ is unmistakable in each of his works. An intricate system of layered paint and glazing, incredible use of color, and rich surface texture are hallmarks of his paintings. He has a gift for observation and the ability to paint with both freshness and emotion. His paintings may capture the tranquility of an early spring morning in the Vermont countryside, the beaches of Cape Cod in the summer, a woman hanging her laundry, the great harbors of New York, the hustle and bustle of Times Square, or the serenity of the French countryside. John does a considerable amount of location work. He loves to set his easel up in the woods and chase the passing light with his brush and paints. While exercising appropriate creative license, he documents the beauty of his surroundings and posterity is somewhat the richer for every canvas he completes. 

Terelak once said, “I’ve been painting for over twenty-five years, and after all that time, I still love to paint. I get enormous pleasure just from the smell of paint and turpentine, from the actual physical process of mixing paints and applying them to the canvas. I’m a very intense painter, and I’m certainly a ‘messy’ painter, but at the same time I’m also very patient and painstaking. I take a long time with my paintings, working and reworking them, adding layer after layer of paint, and glazing the surface again and again. I want the actual surface of the canvas to have a rich patina, a depth and texture that is beautiful in its own right, quite independent of the images and colors involved. Actually, whether I’m painting Monet’s garden at three in the afternoon, or Times Square at three in the morning, the real content of my work is color and light. What I’m really doing is playing off one color against another, creating color harmonies that evoke different moods and feelings. I’ve been called an American traditionalist and impressionist, but those are just labels. In fact, the only thing that really matters is the work itself, and the feelings the work produces.

The reception Terelak’s work has received from serious collectors is strong evidence that his paintings will be recognized as an important and permanent part of the best of American fine art created in this century. His paintings are included in thousands of private and public collections throughout the United States. Included are the Andrew Mellon Foundation, Sheraton Corporation, Winthrop Financial Corporation, Prudential Insurance Company, Bank of Boston, Shawmut Bank, State Street Bank, Boston, and Sterling-Regal Publishing Company. Included among Terelak’s private collectors are many prominent persons from the business world, the entertainment and sports industries, and perhaps most significantly of all, the art community itself. John Terelak has had a number of successful one-man shows. His works have been included in exhibitions at The National Academy of Design, The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Springfield Museum, and The Butler Museum, among others. 

Vesper George School of Fine Art Boston, MA 

Andrew Mellon Foundation 
Sheraton Corporation 
Winthrop Financial Corporation 
Prudential Insurance Company 
Bank of Boston 
Shawmut Bank 
State Street Bank, Boston 
Sterling-Regal Publishing Company 

The New England Watercolor Society, President


Ben Holmquist was born in Salt Lake City, UT in 1982 and by the age of 6 had lived in 6 different states and countless cities and towns all over the New England area and the Midwest. His grandparents lived in Vermont on an idyllic farm where he was blessed with the opportunity to help with the maple syrup tap harvest and bottle feed lambs. His childhood was filled with wonderful outdoor experiences to include hiking, cross country skiing, and riding in his Grandfathers real one horse open sleigh. Fishing with Grandpa and baking with Grandma were among his favorite activities and helped shape him into the man he is today. 

Once his family moved to Nebraska he learned the value of hard work through helping to restore the family home, an 1890 Victorian farmhouse, and working for the many farmers throughout southeastern Nebraska. His first job was castrating calves and walking cornfields and beanfields. After graduating high school he attended college to study culinary arts and soon after moved to coastal Maine to work as a cook and sailor. 

Eventually he came back to Nebraska and started working as a heavy equipment operator building dams, roads and bridges.  This work eventually led to welding and blacksmithing which he has done professionally for the last 12 years. He has welded in many environments, from the Alaskan oilfields to the Florida shrimp docks and in 2021 finally made the move to start his own business as a mobile welder, blacksmith, and artist.

“I want to build things that will be here 100 years from now, things that people pass down to their children. If I can add beauty and wonder to an already amazing world then I have really accomplished something great.”


Amy Donaldson’s passion for painting comes through in every brush stroke. Her influences span the centuries, including European Romanticism, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, and contemporary street art. Nonetheless, she has created a signature style that connects the past with the present with a vibrant sense of immediacy and freshness. Many paintings burst with joy and light from the heavenly realm, while others are cloaked in a more intimate softness, a sense of history, or an indefinable mystery. 

Evident in each composition is Donaldson’s strong sense of color and her depth of feeling for space and light. This is achieved by her fusion of crushed, powdered, natural pigments with oil paint, which are applied in a freely expressive manner. Using tools other than traditional brushes, she attacks the surface of the canvas in a direct approach that is additive and subtractive—a process one may associate with sculpture as much as with painting. She lays down luscious, pliant marks across the surface, then scrapes areas of the composition back, then vigorously adds and scrapes again to achieve her goal. While some pictures lean more toward floral landscapes, others are reminiscent of the romance of an aging city where hazy horizons create a seemingly endless atmospheric depth. Sometimes elements of graffiti appear, their looping letters cutting through the roughly layered surfaces like traces of humanity on ancient walls.


A native of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Amy Donaldson has exhibited her work internationally. In 2016 alone, she had a solo show in Paris, work at the Brussels Art Fair, Art Basel Miami, Atlanta’s National Juried Exhibitions, and Illinois State Museum. Her work has appeared in Chicago PD, Luxe Magaizne, Modern Luxury Magazine, Chicago Home Magazine, Nuevo Estilo Magazine, Madrid, and many other publications. Her paintings are in numerous public and private collections, and she has completed commissions for a number of hospitals, banks, and luxury residences. 


Megumi Akiyama was born in Kawasaki, Japan.  Her childhood memories of summer festivals, elaborate kimonos and fireworks displays were a major influence on her works.  In addition to her childhood her current desert environment in Phoenix, Arizona, where she now resides, is also a strong influence on her works.  Akiyama received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Illustration from California State, Long Beach, California.


José Vicente Cascales holds Fine Arts degrees from the University of Valencia ( Spain ) and spent a year at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice ( Italy ) working on his post graduate studies. After completing his Doctoral courses he celebrated his first solo exhibition in 2002.  Since then, he has participated in many solo and group exhibitions with multiple prestigious galleries throughout the world including, Madrid, Barcelona, Dallas and Seoul.

Cascales’ primary subject is cityscapes.  In particular, cities such as Paris, Florence and Venice, which the artist strives to find a personal approach.  Focusing beyond mere aesthetics, he destroys the hardness of contours through innovative angles, depths, and Mediterranean light. Some of his other subjects include interiors, coffee shops and courtyards in which he demonstrates the simplicity of daily life.  Evocative scenes that send the viewer to exquisite places 

With a decided brushstroke he directs an unusually developed technique of a painter beyond his years.   He delights us with his walks along the canals of Venice, guides us to stroll along the cold Parisian streets and he carries us through the suggestive landscapes of Prague.

His personal and convincing vision becomes a symbol of a diary which shares a secret set of feelings about a place.  Bold and vibrant brushstrokes suggest emotion and sensation which is uniquely Cascales.


Francisco Bartus is a Spanish painter born in 1975 in Valencia. His high school professors encouraged him pursue art in his higher education studies due to his vision and talent.  Upon completing his education, he started his career as a professional designer and plastic artist.

The artists Juan Genoves had a great influence on him. After working with him, Bartus evolved his artwork to a new genre.  Utilizing plastic medium, he brightly expresses how the deepest feelings are both inherited and shaped by our personal / individual experience.  Bartus developed his own unique style producing stunning artworks.  Powerful pictorial techniques combined with shared human sentiments are behind his most recent themes.

The use of mixed media creates a 3D dimension making his pieces extraordinarily different. The layering of paint is striking and adds yet another dimension. His works are innovative and distinctive, encompassing a variety of materials and techniques with fresh ideas to create excitement.

Bartus has been exhibited in several galleries in France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.


Descended from a family with artistic tradition.  Mauricio Garay began to arouse his interest in art at an early age, with some artistic guidance from his uncle Carlos Garay, an internationally recognized artist who painted beautiful sceneries of the Honduran countryside as well as it’s people’s traditions.

Mauricio is a figurative and impressionist artist who was awarded the prize award of best artist in his country. Mauricio is a continuous and determined artist whose passion is art. He studied at The National University of Honduras.

Dedicated entirely to the realization of his art which is his passion. Impressionist in Highlighting alleys, marketplaces, landscapes, cubist sceneries, seascapes and figures with his colorful palette, that range vast color schemes.  His rich and vibrant colors are among his personal signature, fluent in his brushstrokes and characterized by mastering the use of the spatula knives seen in his paintings.


Azarin is a very successful self-taught Artist. His paintings are in the best collections around the world, including the USA, England, Italy, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia. Azarin was born in Iquitos, Peru in 1969. He lived most of his life in Peru except for a long excursion to Ecuador where he studied at the famous painting school of Quito. In Ecuador, he also, did sculpture for a while. In terms of education, he studied in the Ateliers of the world-renowned artists like Tilsa Tsuchylla and Ladislao Plasencki.

Grayson Stoff

Grayson Stoff was born in Glens Falls, NY in 1992. His family relocated to South-West Florida, where he grew up making friends with the native micro-verse of plant and animal life. He would often climb trees, collect bugs and make intricate drawings for friends and family. As a high school student, he excelled in his studies and found an interest in the arts. 

After high school, he went on to graduate from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2015, earning a bachelor’s degree in Art. Focusing on installation art, surreal landscapes, and sculpture, Grayson finds inspiration in nature and everyday experiences. He now spends his time inspiring others as the Art teacher at a school for students with learning challenges.

Julius Lira Salazar

Born in Madre de Dios, Peru, in 1973, Julius Lira Salazar comes from one of the poorest but nicest areas in South America. By the age of 15, he immigrated to the big city, Lima, in search of a future. To his surprise, making a living in Lima was very difficult; it was a matter of survival. Little did he know that he would be using the drawing skills that he developed in elementary school to survive.

Initially, he assisted an architect with his drawings, starting with sketches and, after a couple of years of practice, making the final drawings, as well. The seed, however, had been planted, and from there on, he became interested in painting, joining the atelier of Azarín, a famous Peruvian painter. Julius studied Sculpture and Mythology at the well-known School of Arts of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica.

His hobbies and interests, in addition to the arts, are Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Ai-Kido, Gymnastics and Swimming.


Karen Meyer has been working with clay off and on for 30 years. Having been self taught in both wheel thrown and hand built forms, she enjoys doing both functional and sculptural pieces.

The design for many of her sculptural pieces is influenced by her love of nature and especially the sea and its wonderful creatures. Every piece is completely different as no molds are used in making her pieces. Making every piece completely unique.

She lives in Southwest Florida with her husband and loves spending time with her horses and working with clay. She has three grown daughters and is enjoying their families grow.


Born in a small, farming community in Illinois in 1959, P.T.’s growing up years were spent immersed in the elements of nature. After graduating from college in Iowa, a move to Minneapolis is where a love for artistic endeavors first emerged. As a hobby, the future artist started mixing artistic papers and paint with found objects. Through a job promotion, P.T. moved to Southern California in 1985.

After a successful business career, the artist is devoting full-time attention to the first love of mixing “things” you find with “things” you create .P.T.’s current series, “Assembling a Puzzle” combines acrylic and collage on wooden boxes of various sizes to form a complete dimensional image. Collections of the artists’ work can be found in galleries in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, New York and Atlanta.

Sissi Janku

Sissi Janku was born in Munich, Germany. She studied Graphic Arts at the Academy of Art in Munich and worked as a graphic designer for a German magazine. In 1984 she fulfilled a childhood dream to visit the Hawaiian Islands. The tropical beauty inspired her artistic passions and she made Hawaii her home.

While in Honolulu, Sissi became a student of John Young, an internationally acclaimed artist and an icon in Hawaii. One of his last, large paintings was titled “Lust for Life”. It was painted shortly before his passing at age 88. John passed on his energy and strength to Sissi during their frequent outdoor painting sessions. There are more than a few hints of his great influence in Sissi’s work.

Sissi has earned the appreciation of art lovers everywhere. Her paintings have been commissioned by the Mauna Lani Hotel in Hawaii, the Dai-ichi Hotel in Tokyo, the Plantation Inn in Maui and the Player’s Island Resort and Casino in Nevada, and by numerous collectors around the world. Her love of travel unquestionably fuels her creativity and stimulates her artwork. Wanderlust has swept her to exotic countries both near and far. She has toured extensively throughout Europe and lived in Shanghai and many tropical places, Florida, Hawaii, California and Mexico to name a few. Ultimately, her travels have influenced many of her pieces through primitive patterns and the luminous colors of the tropics.

She produces canvases rich in texture and form that are portals to a seductive universe of light and color. Sissi seeks to give her work a warm, gentle and spiritual quality. The viewer of her works will witness a symphony of color and light, and will feel their souls naturally and effortlessly won by the quiet triumph of beauty.

Alfredo Candela

Alfredo Candela was born in Alcoy (Alicante), in 1959.

He attended his first painting studies at the School of Fine Arts in Alcoy, then moved to Valencia. It was here where he attended his preference for marine subjects, being one of his great specialties. It dominates the color both in cold tones and the warmest quality that we can observe in its bright and luminous marinas, without forgetting the floral themes and the landscapes.

Despite his age, he is still studying at the University of Valencia trying to improve his artistic skills. For these reasons, he is trying with the new tendencies, looking for the modern and young market.

Although he has not lavished much on solo exhibitions, he has frequently collaborated in various group exhibitions. On his first steps as an artist he did exhibitions in Cultural centers, banks and official institutions, and his first individual exhibition was in 1981. Candela has participated in more than 100 exhibitions.

Antonio Velfin

Antonio Velfin was born in Murcia, Spain, in 1970. Upon graduating from high school he moved to Valencia where he matriculated at the prestigious University of San Carlos receiving his degree in art. Velfin has been a professional artist ever since.

At the beginning of his career, Velfin’s imagery was exclusively classical — following Velazquez and Sorolla – beautiful and luminous scenes of children playing at the beach. Eventually, he added abstraction to his work.

Because Velfin is a master of the human figure in the above classical sense, this allows him to engage in a form of “abstract-realism,” a term he uses to describe two important aesthetic points. First, the colors, shapes and material must flow freely without following any pre-determined style. Second, any image that in itself has a form in reality (for example, animals, landscapes, human beings, objects) is used as if it were a simple color or shapeless stain. The stain will be allowed to wander along the painting until it reaches an “adequate” place in the composition, such as when a brushstroke finds it ideal spot on the canvas. This is how simple abstract images appear as abstract-realism – when they are united with elements in the painting from the real world. He calls this style “New Figurativism”: the use of classical representation over colorful and abstract backgrounds.

His work is widely held in many private collections as he has participated in a great number of international art exhibitions.

Antonio Garcia Soler

Antonio Garcia Soler was born in Alcoy (Alicante), Spain in 1957. He was born into an artistic family. Antonio’s father, Jorge, was a teacher in the “Escuela de Bellas Artes de Alicante”. His father passed on his passion for art to his son when he was very young. Soler Completed his artistic studies in the prestigious “San Carlos Fine Art School of Valencia”.
Soler loves the Mediterranean. He has lived close to this sea all his life which is reflected in the light of his canvases. Among his favorites subjects are cliffs and seascapes. He is famous for his water transparences.
His works are featured in many individual and collective exhibits, and hang in private collections in Europe.
He also has been awarded several prizes and medals.

Exhibitions and Awards:

1991— Second place “Marinistas Valencianos” (Denia), Spain.
1993— Galería Rincón de Art (Altea), Spain.
1999— First place “Vivencia del Mar” (Daimus), Spain.
2005— FIM 2005 (Valencia), Spain.
2006— FIM 2006 (Valencia), Spain.
2007— Forest Gallery (Surrey), U.K.
2008— Estudio d`Arte Domenico Abbuchesse (Naples), Italy.
2009— Collective “Circulo Industrial” (Alcoy), Spain.

Tyson Estes

Estes was born in Hoquiam, Washington, and graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Filmic Art degree, after which he moved to Los Angeles to pursue work in film and television. After many successful endeavors as a producer and art department specialist, Estes decided that a more personal approach to art was needed, and traded his entertainment career for a paintbrush and canvas.

Estes uses a wide range of materials in his art: acrylic on canvas and wood, paper materials, wood veneer, natural waxes, coffee grounds, sawdust, and everything in between. He draws inspiration from both nature’s quiet beauty, as well as the chaotic byproducts and imagery of industry. His process is defined by his meticulously layered pieces, which are often built, then deconstructed almost entirely to create the raw, industrial look for which he’s known. His creation space looks more like a construction site than a painting studio, and his tools range from fine sable brushes to blow torches. His modern deconstruction technique yields pieces that are rich in texture and vibrant color.

Estes finds inspiration from American Abstract Artists such as Jasper Johns, Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaler, and Hans Hofmann, to name a few. He loves their innovative techniques and the unconventional materials they used.

His continued passion for art, paired with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, keeps Estes busy learning new techniques, as he spends hours experimenting with new ways of manipulating the materials with which he is already familiar.

Tyson lives in Southern California with his wife, Jess, where they enjoy hiking, traveling, gaming, and cat wrangling.

Gabriela Villarreal

Gabriela was born in México, contemporary artist Gabriela Villarreal Villarreal is continually creating new, captivating Works of art. Using modern forms and unique textures, Gabriela is known for her ability to capture color through an innovative use of light and shape. Encouraged to become an artist from a young age,Gabriela began her career in the company of her mentor and teacher – her Mother . She studied art in Arte.A.C (Design and Art University). Her pieces are collected around the World and have been displayed in galleries throughout Mexico the US and Europe.

Pablo Munoz

Pablo Munoz comes from a family of painters that flourished in Cuzco, Peru and emigrated to the capital, Lima, several years ago. According to Pablo, his ancestors assisted the famous Spanish artists, brought by the Spanish elite to Peru, with the painting of religious subjects to spread the word of God.

Pablo Munoz studied at the School of Arts of Cuzco. His technique is classical and has been perfected literally through the centuries. In the same way he learned to paint, he is passing his knowledge to Juan Pablo, his older son, who is breaking into the market.

Most of his exhibitions, have taken place at his place of birth, Cuzco, where he continues to show. His paintings are included in prestigious collections in Peru, the United States, Canada and Europe.

Pablo Rojero

“I enjoy the process of making contemporary art as it gives me a sense of freedom and fulfillment that I have always wanted as an artist,” explains artist Pablo Rojero.

Born and raised in Oceanside, California, Pablo Rojero grew up amidst a strong military presence and was proud to share his hometown with the First Marines. In 1993, true to his childhood vow to become an artist, Pablo entered Mira Costa College to study Life Drawing and Art History. He transferred to Otis College of Art and Design in 1994 and majored in Illustration and Storyboard Art. After a brief tenure to Rhode Island School of Design where he mastered his techniques in egg tempera painting and ancient methods of golf leafing, he returned to Otis College and graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Pablo began his career as an illustrator on music video productions and as a storyboard artist for independent films in Los Angeles. He later worked as a graphic designer and freelance artist and now resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and two children.


Clayton Rabo hails from Detroit, Michigan and currently resides in Arizona.  He graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a degree in graphic design.  He worked in the fields of illustration and design for over twenty-five years.

Rabo has since shifted his focus from the commercial art world to fine art.  Trading his computer mouse for a paintbrush allowed him to pursue his passion for free expression and creativity.

“I’m fascinated with pop culture, anything bright and new.  I enjoy transforming these fresh ideas into visual, tangible works of art.  Music, street art, pop art, mid-century design and print making are my strongest influences.”


Alyssa Stoff was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1993. Her family relocated to Florida in 2001, where she grew up surrounded by the beautiful tropical landscape.

Along with the natural influences from the Florida landscape, she is also influenced by her Filipino grandmother. She spent many summers at her grandmother’s home in Chicago painting, practicing origami, taking pictures in the garden, and exploring the city. Her grandmother’s love of art inspired her from a very young age, helping to shape and grow her interest in a multitude of mediums.

With the encouragement of her family and friends, she pursued a degree in art from Florida Gulf Coast University. In 2015 she graduated with her bachelors degree. Since then, she has been showing her artwork in local galleries and continues to  create paintings and sculptures that reflect her influences from family and love of nature.



Villasante is an individual possessing a tremendous natural insight into his surrounding and environment, allowing, through pure intuition, the spontaneous creation of masterful works. Every character study, every architectural painting and every harbor scene is a personal interpretation of life, of his surrounding and of his environment as seen through his eyes, totally void of academic influence; exposure to other artist and the contemporary art movement has, at most, been minimal. Villasante is an excellent and gifted artist by nature, not by education. Villasante was born in 1965 in the poorest section of Peru, Puno. At the age of 7 he was taken to the port of Lima with expectations of emigrating to the USA. Because of legal implications, he was not to realize his dream. He remained alone in Lima, never returning to Puno, and stayed by himself as the sole occupant in the house all these years. Villasante’s brush strokes show his character… strong and determinate. He shows his candor and innocence through the paintings of children; and the influence of his architectural studies is shown through his doors and boat renderings. His still-life works show his ability to relate the old traditional Peruvian culture with what is modern Peru. His portrait and character studies bring forth and make evident his perception and deep feeling and understanding of life and the individual. Well known for his dozens of exhibitions in America, Villasante decided to step to the challenge and exhibited at the temple of modern watercolor, England. In February, 1999, Villasante exhibited, along with hundreds of other watercolorists, at the most prestigious watercolor exhibition in the world, getting an impressive attention that surpassed any high expectation he may have had. Villasante’s future is assured… he most certainly will develop into one of the most important Latin-American artist of all times. In Villasante we are witnessing the birth of a major artist whose emerging career will most certainly place him among the most important painters of all times.


Fran Martin was born in 1966 in Castellon, Spain.  He started his art studies in his hometown.

Martin growing up near the Mediterranean coast, and his passionate and bold inspiration came from the sea and its reflective lights.  He fully understands how to intensely and delicately express the complexities of this light in his canvas.

The reality of the ambiance and rustic architecture of a Spain which still exists in the most unexpected places is captured masterfully.  He manifests a blend of beauty and serenity throughout his pieces. Martin’s style is unique yet is heavily influenced by the techniques of the great masters from the same region such as Sorolla and Pinazo. His work has been shown in many exclusive exhibitions,  and can be found in many private collections.


Born and raised in Oakdale, Pennsylvania Jacqueline was the youngest of 5 children. By age two she was painting with watercolors. Her mother found that large buckets of water kept her busy for hours when she wanted to paint the back porch. After mastering pencil, pen and ink, calligraphy, and oil paints in high school and winning many awards she was encouraged by her parents to attend the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale graduating with an Associate Degree in Advertising Design.

She then moved to Punta Gorda. After many years in the graphic arts industry creating logos and print media she was led to freelance in every medium. Having no fear of working large she has painted everything from floors to ceilings. Creating custom sandblasted signs and billboards, faux finishing homes, offices and restaurants, even glass and mirror etching. The common thread that runs through all of her work when creating is BOLD. As a multimedia artist three dimensional sculptures have been created in clay. Table bases she welds in steel, copper fold forming transformed many leaves into a driveway gate. Plasma cutting allows her to create wall sculptures and mobiles.

Most recently her Acrylic with Resin pours show off her passion for bold color. Her love of nature and photography gives her the opportunity to capture the world as she sees it with intimate photos of exotic flowers and plants. Her husband Daniel Alvo is a woodturner on weekends. They share a studio on two acres of pure paradise in Alva, Florida with their two golden retrievers. Her work can be seen in many corporate settings, restaurants, residential highrise lobbies, hotels and residential homes.


Born in a small, farming community in Illinois in 1959, Klieber’s growing up years were spent immersed in the elements of nature. After graduating from college in Iowa, a move to Minneapolis is where a love for artistic endeavors first emerged. As a hobby, the future artist started mixing artistic papers and paint with found objects. Through a job promotion, Klieber moved to Southern California in 1985.

After a successful business career, the artist is devoting full-time attention to the first love of mixing “things” you find with “things” you create . Collections of the artists work can be found in galleries in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, New York and Atlanta




Morante was born in Peru in 1963 as the daughter of a professional jockey and, because of her father’s absolute dedication to horses, she held contempt to anything related. This conflict was sufficiently intense to threaten even the state of her father’s marriage. However, at the age of 14 her attitude completely reversed and the horse became the center of her life. She attempted to pursue a career as a jockey, but to no avail. With no clear direction after high school, she met a horse portrait artist with whom she began working and this proved to be the start of an important and long-lasting friendship. After first assisting him in his work, she eventually began contributing directly through the application of under painting. Realizing Gladys’ potential, her newfound mentor advised her to join the School of Arts and she followed his advice, graduating with honors. Morante has participated in numerous exhibitions including several held at prestigious locations such as the Embassy of Spain, the United States Embassy, El Museo de la Nación, Galeria Borkas and the Russian Cultural Institute.

Nuria Miro

Nuria Miro was born in Alcoy, Alicante, Spain in 1961. She studied at the School of Arts in her hometown, and later moved to the College of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia, Spain.

Nuria is a painter of high quality, sensitivity, emotion, and poetry. Her works are highly expressive in brushstrokes, reflective of pristine colors, and precise in line work, all coalescing to form a play of light and shadow of her condensed spaces. The compositions of each of her artworks are heightened by interesting new perspectives. She has a pronounced technique and works with relief and textures that endow her paintings a three dimensional aspect. This 3D effect is one of the key elements in her works.

Her works have been in many galleries, and she has participated in many exhibitions around Spain. Additionally her work is widely held in private and public collections in Europe and throughout the world.

Pedro Tapia

Pedro Tapia was born in Tacna, Peru, in 1970. He displayed exceptional talent at an early age and decided to become an artist. He studied art at the Federico Laso Art School in Tacna and later enrolled at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes del Perú (ENBA) in Lima. Tapia’s philosophy is ultimately simple: art is expression. The challenge is for the artist to find different ways of expressing what can be seen. The soul, according to Tapia, is the true eye of the painter.

Artistic talent has a divine source, and it is the privilege and responsibility of the painter to interpret “the splendor of Creation.” Tapia is a fabulous realist artist; a perfectionist whose meticulous style is admired by his peers. “Being a figurative and realistic painter”, according to Tapia, ” is the best way to natural expression which is the mission of any artist.” Tapia’s style is reminiscent of the great masters, whose interpretations were so pure. Tapia’s interpretations are dichotomous; displaying a modern technical perfection while at the time displaying a distinct classical look. Tapia sees nothing wrong in combining old and new; reviewing prevailing trends allows for the instinctive observation of the progression of mankind through time. Tapia has exhibited extensively since 1990. His paintings are in many private collections and galleries throughout the Americas. He is artist who is faithful to his artistic vision–an admirable quality that will insure his success for years to come.

Timothy O’Toole

Born in Dayton, Ohio, painter Timothy O’Toole began his enthusiasm and painting at an early age. He was encouraged by his parents and their circle of friends, many of whom were professional painters and sculptures, and he found himself surrounded from the onset by a wealth of creativity and a celebration of personal expression. He attended Dayton Art Institute and later received a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the university of Cincinnati. Among the influences that Timothy finds the most inspiring are the visually expressive works of John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla, Claude Monet, and Andrew Wyeth.

Timothy lived several years in West Chester County in Pennsylvania and followed in the footsteps of Wyeth, capturing the beauty of the countryside in drawing and paint, and even paid homage to the Twentieth Century master by choosing Wyeth’s home and the surrounding area as subjects of his own work. In addition to his time spent over twenty years in Colorado working on location to hone his skill as a master landscape painter. “The best thing about plein-air painting is being outdoors” the artist explains “When I am in the field, I react to whatever captivates me and I work quickly to capture what I see as the light changes. It’s a mental exercise. When a scene captivates my attention, I paint, spreading the paint over the canvas using brushes, palette knives and my fingers anything to capture the moment.”

Timothy’s work has been published and collected both nationally and internationally for almost 25 years. When he is not in the great outdoors rendering its beauty to paint, Timothy enjoys traveling, tennis and skiing. He attests that his family, as well as the painting is the driving passions of his life.

Manuel Lorente Hernan

Manuel Lorente Hernan was born in 1957 in Alcoy (Alicante).

He is a self-taught painter and his figurative works are very popular throughout Europe.

Hernan enjoys capturing the beauty of landscapes, still-lifes, Venetian subjects and flowers. With his own abstract style, he displays a perfect synchronization of hues. The strokes of his painting style are quick and free and clearly exhibit a great command of technique.

In his works, he reflects a great imagination and his paintings are well accepted by both the public and critics. He has participated in several exhibitions throughout Europe, and his paintings are held in many art galleries.

Rikki Drotar

I was born in southern Idaho but moved frequently through my life. My childhood saw the plains of Idaho and Wyoming, the Oregon coast, to the majestic desert of Arizona. Even spending a little amount of time in Pennsylvania and the eastern states. From each place I lived or visited, I would take in the rich beauty and diversity around me and try to create what I saw.

For as long as I can remember I always had a pad of paper and pencil with me, drawing everything I could. Color always fascinated me, the way an artist could use color to create moods and life.

So it wasn’t surprising to find myself taking up painting in college. I studied Fine Art and Illustration at Utah State University before moving to Phoenix, Arizona where I received a Bachelors of Arts in Media Arts and Animation, from the Art Institute of Phoenix. While studying animation, my love of movement developed; I discovered that everything had an energy and flow, whether it was a human form or an inanimate object. I try to capture the flow and movement when I paint. I reside in Arizona with my husband and son.

Angela Maritz

Angela Maritz lives and works in the Bay of Plenty on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, having moved there from her native country of South Africa in 2007.

Angela believes she was born to be an artist, her earliest memories revolve around an almost compulsive need to create, whether it be with paint or any other medium that allowed her child self to manifest expressions of the world around her which she found so fascinating.

That fascination has never gone away, and now many years into her professional career as a full time artist, Angela still experiments with her medium, finding exquisite beauty in both raw, earthy, organic colour, as well as in the brilliance of a bright, powerful, and expressive palette.

Her broad genre of work is includes abstract floral studies, landscapes, wildlife and portraits. Many of these paintings are inspired from within, loose approximations of a vivid imagination, laid down on canvas whilst she embraces her senses with music in a delicate balance between person, motion and environment.

Angela’s work is exhibited worldwide.

Francisco Casas

Francisco Casas was born in Alcoy, Spain in 1952. He is a vocational artist and from a very early age felt a need to paint. He focuses his work on still life’s, in which he captures a broad range of tones and light, with a hyper-realistic result.

Casas understands the profound simplicity behind hyper-realism and the quality of his works is truly extraordinary. Among his favorite subjects are shells and the origami. His preference is to work with simple subjects on a small scale.

He has been in numerous exhibitions and competitions. His pieces have been exhibited in public and private galleries on a permanent basis. Additionally, he has been awarded with several prizes and medals.

2011- Sala Braulio. Castellon, Spain.
2010- Galeria V. Bernia. Valencia, Spain.
2009- Exhibition “Grupo Jose Cova”. Cartajena, Spain.
2009- Exhibition “Blues&Greens”. Edinburgh, U.K.
2008- FIM (Feria internacional del Mueble) Valencia, Spain.
2007- FIM (Feria internacional del Mueble) Valencia, Spain.
2006- FIM (Feria internacional del Mueble) Valencia, Spain.
2005- Masters Art Gallery. Mallorca, Spain.
2002- UNESCO Exposition room. Alicante, Spain.
2000- El Corte Inglés Gallery. Valencia, Spain.
1998- Sala Sánchez. Sevilla, Spain.


Born in Peru, in 1952, Bacci is one of a group of extraordinary landscape painters that emerged during the last part of the previous decade. Peru has been traditionally a country of figure painters since the Cuzco School painting in the XVII Century. But a movement, probably commanded by Bamse Antunez de Mayolo, commenced in the 1970’s. This group began painting their local surroundings so successfully that it generated a demand and allowed them to travel generalizing the subject. Bacci came to Lima to study painting in the famous school of Arts of Lima in 1969. He graduated with the highest honors from the school. He was well known for his defense of traditional landscape. Bacci became in demand and prospered to become a very successful artist.

Similar to his own surroundings, Bacci’s depiction of “Old Florida” Landscapes takes us to parts of Florida long forgotten.

Francisco Dieguez

Francisco Dieguez was born in Havana in 1973. He is a grduate in Graphic Design of the Instituto Superior de Diseno Habana. He is a member of the Fondo de Bienes Culturales and of the Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales. He currently lives and works in Havana.

Personal Exhibitions:
1992 “Reflexion”, Galeria de Arte de 10 de Octubre, Habana, Cuba
1992 “En Mi Calle”, Galeria Museo Municipal de San Miguel, Habana, Cuba
1989 “Personal”, Galeria de Arte de San Miguel, Habana, Cuba

Collective Exhibitions (Dieguez has taken part in over 40 such exhibitions, some of which are listed below):
2003 “IV Salon Voces Del Sur”, Centro Provincial de Artes Plasticas y Diseno, Habana, Cuba
2002 “Abajo. Performance”, Casa de las Poesia, Pinar del Rio, Cuba
2001 “Salon de la Ciudad”, Centro Provincial de Artes Plasticas y Diseno, Habana, Cuba
1999 “El Tiempo Como Espacio”, Exteriores del Instituto Superior de Arte, Habana, Cuba
1998 “Este No Tiene Nombre”, Galeria de ISA, Habana, Cuba
1997 “Artistas Contemperaneos”, Galeria Isarte, Medellin, Colombia
1996 “Zeitkritische Kunst aus Kuba”, Galeria Rita Schweitzer, Stuttgart, Germany

His work can be found in, amongst 15 others, these private collections:
Coleccion Galeria Rita Schweitzer, Stuttgart, Germany
Coleccion Wolfgang Mezger, Frittlingen, Germany
Coleccion Joel Atlas Skirble, Washington DC, USA
Coleccion Galeria Las Chimeneas, Canary Islands, Spain
Coleccion Ramie Leahy, Kilkenny, Ireland

Josiane Childers

Josiane Childers was born in the smoky mountains of North Carolina but mostly grew up in upstate New York. After excellent training and encouragement from her high school art teacher she completed her formal education in Fine Art at Purchase College, including a semester spent abroad in Amsterdam. She now resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her artist husband, son,and three German shepherds.

Every piece I do is an emotional journey through color. I am continuously inspired by the extraordinary world around me as well as the exciting possibilities of infinite color relationships. Every color is beautiful and has a place. There is not one color I can think of that I am not fond of. There is always a reason to paint. I am in love with paint.

Gudrun Newman

Born and raised in Iceland Gudrun Olafsdottir Newman moved to the USA in 1976. She migrated to Florida in 1978 and has lived in Sarasota since then. At an early age Newman knew she was interested in art. She started off as a child with intricate textile designs. This demonstrated her extraordinary level of talent and patience.

She paints as the wind blows and draws as the water flows. A painter is compelled to create, to tell a story or convey a message which we view as fine art. Newman makes an effort to keep a soft and cool atmosphere so that the beholder could feel her own dream through the image. From the depth of her unconsciousness a memory bursts as an emotion from the past, which will thus become her own image in the form of a painting. Each work arises technically in a way similar to that in which a composer creates a symphony. Her brushes strike the canvas and provide a sense of warmth and intimacy that draws the viewer close to learn more about the specters that appear on the canvas.

“I am only the instrument holding the brush and applying the paint, everything else happens on its own.” Gudrun Newman

Her artwork is best described as romantic abstract impressionism as it varies from realistic to very whimsical or figurative images. The selection of explosive colors bring out her stylized form, which leaves you thirsting for more. She experiments with image and color, allowing herself to paint without restraint. You are immediately struck by the composition, vibrant color or layers of color tones, which takes you on a journey. The powerful expression goes hand in hand with imagination and expert craftsmanship to create works of amazing depth and dimension.

“Compelled to create” Gudrun works in her studio all waking moments. With her recent relocation to her NEW studio at 5670 Palmer Blvd, Sarasota, Florida 34232 you can visit and actually see her painting as it is set up as a working artist studio. Her paintings are found in numerous private and corporate collections, both nationally and internationally. Her life is to share emotion, inspiration and love with others in a form of art.


A hybrid of painting and sculpture is how Naira Barseghian’s artistic works can be described. Born in Armenia in 1966, Naira Barseghian began painting as a teenager. When she immigrated to the United States in 1991, Naira decided to pursue her love of art. Upon taking art classes at the Glendale Community College in California, Naira Barseghian developed a deep love for clay. Her work was so highly regarded; Naira was awarded “Artist of the Year.” Barseghian has served as a guest artist and studio designer at various workshops, schools, festivals and ceramic studios.

Sydney Edmunds

Growing up Sydney Edmunds would sit and draw for hours. In love with the human form, she would take magazine s and draw the person on the cover. “I wanted to capture not only their likeness but their character, what made them real.”

She loved the old masters, such as Rembrandt and aspired to be like them. At age 11 her family moved to San Francisco; she fell in love with that city instantly. Everything about it caught her eye, the energy, the culture, the creativity. It was full of movement and life that she had never experienced before. “It just made me want to create more, it just opened my eyes to so many new things.”

Edmunds attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she received a Bachelors degree in Fine Art. She described college as a positive experience and had on truly amazing teacher when attending the univeristy that changed her art forever. “I was working on a painting, it ws just the under painting. I really liked it but feld I had to do more to it, like I had been trained to do. My teacher told me if you like then it’s done. Just that simple! I will always love him for that he freed my mind that day and has forever made me a better painter.”

After school Edmunds moved to Arizona where she has worked in the art field for years. This allowed her to explore a lot of new styles of art. “I never thought I would paint abstract paintings but I love how free you can be, it’s all about the movement and color. Whether its abstracts or figurative and everything in between, I just want to provoke an emotion with my art to take the viewer to another place.” Edmunds resides in Phoenix, AZ with her cat, Soba Noodle.

Tadeo Zavaleta

Tadeo is a Peruvian artist born Tadeo Zavaleta de la Barro in 1977. As part of an artistic legacy, his father is considered one of the greatest Peruvian artists. His father told him that the human body represented both the greatest difficulties but at the same time, the greatest achievements in art. Thus, he pursued figurative art drawing and painting at the young age of seven years old. In his work, he is striving to, “understand the ambiguities of the human nature”.  At 18, Tadeo enrolled in his country’s prestigious School of Fine Arts, becoming the first student invited to participate in the Quimera 99 Exhibit in Mexico (where he is highly regarded as one of the best artists from South America). He is distinguished as being one of the few artists to be accepted to present his work aboard the ships of Disney Cruise Lines.

In 2011, Tadeo’s 70″ X 70″ masterpiece was ceremoniously unveiled at the Miami Children’s Hospital. A hardcover art book, “Tadeo” was published by Masters Fine Art in 2007 and a new book is to be released in Spring 2014. He has also been exhibited and collected internationally including: The collection of Juan Ossio, Culture Minister of Peru The collection of Alex Yemenidjian, President of Tropicana Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas (former MGM CEO) The collection of Mickey Arison, CEO of Carnival Cruises The collection of Enrique Castel, world famous Engineer & Harley-Davidson motorcycle collector “Disney Magic” Disney Cruise Line “Disney Wonder” Disney Cruise Line “Disney Dream” Disney Cruise Line Sher Gallery, Aventura, Florida Gallery 51, Boca Raton, Florida Gallerie Esteban, Santa Fe, New Mexico Gallery Diamante,Carmel,California Mira Flores Culture of Art, Lima Peru.


Born in Shiraz, Iran in 1970, Helen Zarin can remember beginning to paint pictures as early as the age of 5. As a high school student, Zarin studied with the well-known Persian artist and teacher, Saber. Later she enrolled in the Art and Culture Society, a national organization for gifted Persian artists. As a student of Art and Culture, she refined her skills in the various mediums of painting, in particular pastels and oil, at the same time earning a number of national awards.

Conditions in her native country eventually compelled Zarin to turn elsewhere for the creative nourishment an artist needs. Hard work and God-given talent are not enough for an artist to progress and blossom, she remarks. Creative freedom in the right atmosphere is essential. In the pursuit of these artistic prerequisites, she journeyed first to Europe and finally to the United States, where she now lives and works. Arriving in New York City in 1993, Zarin attended LaGuardia University and, later, Catonsville Community College, in Baltimore, Maryland, where she learned English and further advanced her art education.

Joshua Schicker

Joshua Paul Schicker was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Raised in a variety of places, Joshua spent time in Izmir, Turkey, Guam and Washington state. These diverse experiences had much influence on his later work.

As a child, Joshua was drawing super heroes and chasing around girls with his jacket collar zipped up over his face. Joshua was always interested in anything creative. Not stifled by stereotypes, at age 11, he invented his own recipes and learned how to crochet. There wasn’t a moment his hands weren’t busy drawing, painting, or creating. It’s not a surprise he has achieved great success in this career

He arrived in Phoenix, Arizona as a freshman in high school. This led to studying under a local professor that excelled as a traditional figurative artist for six years. Learning traditional, mixed media and digital art was a great asset for his method. “Being a centered brain individual, the computer is just as important for me as the canvas and paint. I have been creative since I could pick up a crayon.”

Jason Jarava

Jason Jarava was born in Baltimore, Maryland and began painting at an early age. He was encouraged by his parents and did much of his early work around Loch Raven, painting luxuriant landscapes, tall trees and reflective waters. He received his BFA from Arizona State. The artist’s style is distinct. He blends the crisp, detailed, exacting technique of realism with the calm simplicity of contemporary art. The result is almost dream-like. Jarava works and lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Stacy and their three young children. His work can be found in collections throughout the United States.

Farrell Elizabeth Douglas

Elizabeth currently works mainly with acrylic paints due to their versatility and drying time. “I prefer acrylics because it can be combined with a lot of water to achieve the movement and spontaneity that I want in all of my work.” She paints not only on canvas, but on plexi, glass and various metals as well. Her subjects range from seascapes and landscapes to wildlife and people. She also finds a lot of artistic freedom in contemporary or abstract painting. “I don’t want to be pigeonholed as a specific ‘kind’ of painter. I love all aspects of art and I am continually looking for and learning new concepts, techniques and styles.”

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama during the time of segregation, F. Elizabeth has strong recollections of the civil rights movement of the 60’s. That experience has helped form her core belief: “…there are many beautiful colors in this world, we must appreciate them equally.” The Deep South still holds a powerful attraction for the artist and she finds herself drawn back to her roots time and again to “simplify her life.” “The marine lifestyle of the Gulf Coast holds a particular fascination for the artist. “I love the simplicity of life there and the natural beauty that is seen in the countryside, the beaches and bays and in the people.”

Elizabeth is influenced by the Impressionists particularly Monet for his play of lights and washes of color. She also loves the figurative work of water-colorist Dean Mitchell and John S. Sargent and the soft marines capes of Homer.
Elizabeth is a member of The Sonoran Art League and AZ. Watercolor Assoc. She loves to travel and many destinations such as the Scottish countryside end up being reflected in her work.

Smith Carney

Smith Carney was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and spent his childhood surrounded by the colorful landscape of northern New Mexico. Fascination with the beauty in the variety of nature kindled Carney’s desire to create. He later moved to Texas and attended the University of North Texas where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Advertising Art.

In Texas, he was an Art Director for a major corporation for seven years before moving to Arizona to pursue his passion for Fine Art. Arizona is where Carney built and refined his techniques while working for a large Fine Art/Design company in Phoenix, Arizona.

The key qualities of the art of Smith Carney are palpable creativity and austere evolution while constantly moving forward to create something new. It is this methodology of creating discarding and reinventing that creates something new and distinctive. These elements of erosion and change are always resident in Carney’s work. The subtle nuances of serendipity, poised tone and composed surface quality make for the overall impact and distinctive style as Smith Carney continues to reinvent his artwork.

Natasha Barnes

Natasha Barnes is a South African artist, born in 1969. She has been painting since the age of seven. Her natural talent and pure passion for painting has led this self-taught artist to develop a profound style, exhibiting expressionism, color and movement. Her paintings are inspirations found in her travels and the love for the rich African images surrounding her life.

Apart from a few art lessons as a child, Natasha has had no formal art training. After completing school, she studied Cordon Bleu cookery and worked as a cookery editor and food stylist for a leading South African Magazine, before opening her own cookery school. Her love for the brush finally led to the decision to give up everything and paint professionally.

Natasha paints in Acrylic and her endless inspiration is absorbed in the mind and transferred to the canvas without looking at the subject.

Her work is exhibited extensively and can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide.


One of South Africa’s most published artists
Greeting Cards for Hallmark, Marks and Spencer’s
Prints sold in Ikea Superstores world-wide
Work decorates South African TV set
Exhibitions: New York, London, Sydney, Dubai
Natasha Barnes Jewellery brand worldwide
Charities, Caroline rainbow foundation, Pediatric HIV Foundation

Karolina Sussland

Karolina Vera Sussland defected from Czech Republic at the height of the cold war. Her family adopted Phoenix, AZ as their new home and she grew up in the valley of the sun. She studied chemistry and drawing at Arizona State University and has been a consequentially creative force in Phoenix since the 2000’s.

Sussland’s paintings rely on precise drawing skills that are inspired by the work of Gerhard Richter. Her most recent work offers expressive meditations through mark making and color. The resulting paintings are powerful testaments to the endless variations of nature and the playfulness of nature and the playfulness of the human spirit. Her lively composition reflect a curiosity and charm reminiscent of Oy Twormblys aesthetic.

Sussland’s work has been reviewed in Art papers and the Arizona Republic. She is also one of the artists featured in Nans Ellin ‘s “Phoenix: 21st Century City” (Edwin Booth-Clibborn, 2006).

Jodi Maas

Jodi Maas was born in Manhattan, Kansas and moved several times during her childhood. Having lived in Hong Kong for 5 years, she was able to experience the diverse cultures and fascinating beauty of many exotic countries including India, Nepal, Thailand, Japan and the Philippines. After extensive travels she now calls Arizona home.

A lifelong love of art led Jodi to pursue an education in the field. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From there she has been doing art professionally for over 20 years.

Jodi’s work is a journey into pure inspiration. The subtle, rich layering and depth in her work are an invitation into a soft ethereal mystique. Her dramatic yet tranquil essence guides the spirit up to realms of new expansion. Spontaneous and unexpected details delight and entertain.

Whether she is engaged in her other favorite activities of horseback riding, yoga or volunteering with “at risk” children, Jodi is always gathering compelling inspiration for her paintings. “I want my paintings to express a deep sense of self as the whole,” explains the artist. “I am at peace when I paint.”

Silvia Suarez

Born in Pucallpa, Peru, in 1958. Despite her early artistic inclination, Suarez was forced to select a “more productive” field because painting was economically and socially risky. Victim of the circumstances, Suarez had to study conservation and restoration, a field related to the arts but not her choice. Fortunately, today, 20 years later, she is married to a painter and she has evolved in to one of the best painters in South America.

To the critics, Suarez has that magical touch that painters like Fatin-Latour and Redon had. Her paintings show a nice soft brushstroke that commands strength. Her colors are soft and angelical, but with character.

These attributes did not come easy, however. It has been a hard and long struggle that make her almost abandon her dream, more than once. Fortunately, her husband, the well-known impressionist painter Jose Lopesalcedo, convinced her to persist, and it has paid off.

Her exhibitions include important Salons like Museo de Arte de Lima and the Alianza Francesa.